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Alfie Alschuler

"Peter is an outstanding public servant.
He is thoughtful and considerate.

I am always impressed with the respectfulness of his interactions and the way he seeks understanding by asking questions.

He is a supporter of students and teachers, and a believer in the great potential of our district."

 - Alfie Alschuler

Farah Ameen

Sarah Armstrong Marshall

Chris Baxter

Suzanne Baxter

Stacey Beganny

Susan Bellak

Greg Bernier

Susan Bernier

Clare Bertrand

Patty Bode

Paris Boice

Alvaro Lee Borrell

Alisa Brewer

Lee Bridegam

Will Bridegam

Nate Budington

Claudia Canale-Parola

Andy Churchill

Sarah Cohen

Leif Corp

Rhys Davies

Becky Demling

Jacob Demling

Tim Demling

Nancy Eddy

Tanya Fuller

Chris Foley Pilsner

Annie Foley Ruiz

Elaine Fronhofer

"Peter Demling is one of the hardest working and thoughtful school committee members I’ve seen.

I wholeheartedly endorse him for re-election."
- Elaine Fronhofer

Melissa Giraud

Sam Green

Maryann Grim

Nancy Grossman

Ginny Hamilton

Robert Hayes

Bennett Hazlip

Christiane Healey

Luke Healey

Kathleen Holland Childress

Rick Hood

Neil Immerman

Michael Ireland

Ruthie Ireland

Ruthie Killough-Hill

Jan Klausner-Wise

Carole Learned-Miller

Erik Learned-Miller

Alex Lefebvre

Deb Leonard

Catherine Lodge

Alicia M. Lopez

Nina Mankin

Jon McCabe

Dana Mergendahl

Johanna Neumann

"Peter is a true champion for our public school teachers and students and I'm thrilled that he's running for school committee again.

I hope you join me in voting for Peter so that he can keep applying his passion for quality public schools and his intellect toward the best interest of our kids, teachers and the community at large."

- Johanna Neumann

Derek Noble

Barry O'Connell

Kristin O'Connell

John Page

Josh Polak

Norman Price

Joan Rabin

Monroe Rabin

Robert Rakoff

 David Ranen

Karla Rasche

Irv Rhodes

Rick Ricard

Meg Robertson

Pamela Rietkerk

Anthony Rosa

Justin Rosa

Meg Rosa

Paul Rosa

Juan Ma Ruiz

Seny Salvon

David Schneider

Helaine Selin

Heather Sheldon

Norman Simonson

Michele Spirko

Andy Steinberg

Jodi Stevens

Ellen Story

Alice Swift

Flavia Terra Cunha

Suzanne Warren

Jay Watson

Kristin Worgess

Erika Zekos


"Peter Demling is awesome!"
- Ruthie Ireland

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